Alex Lofoco

Native Italian Alex Lofoco is relatively new to the London music scene, which makes his quick progress up the ranks all the more impressive. He’s got the rare combination of agility, taste, groove and power which will make all aspiring bassists totally jealous – and has achieved professional recognition with a string (no pun intended) of endorsements from Hartke amplification, EMG pickups, Evidence Audio, and us at Rotosound. He’s also been asked to hold a masterclass on the double thumbing and two hand tapping techniques that form part of his armoury of skills by the renowned Tech Music School in London. Having played in various styles from metal to jazz-funk with some well known Italian bands, Alex has collaborated with a number of UK artists since moving to London (including fellow Rotosound endorsee, Charlie Savigar) and holds clinics and workshops across Europe. When he’s not mad busy doing all of the above, he contributes to Bass Musician Magazine and Jazzitalia with lessons and articles.


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