Introducing: Fuzz Pedal Reissue

We’re just back from an incredibly busy Frankfurt show – what a weekend. As well as launching our new signature strings for Michael Amott, Mikey Demus and Paul Allender, we introduced our RFB1 1960′s Fuzz Pedal Reissue – a faithful reproduction of our original 1960′s unit using the same circuit configuration as the original design, combined with modern resistors and capacitors.

The new pedal combines yesterday’s mojo and tone flavour with the reliability and stability of today’s technology. The sixties prototype pedals were only ever available in limited numbers and never released for general sales. Nonetheless these pedals were found all over the place – there is even a picture of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page playing one.

The pedal will be available to buy very soon – please join us on Facebook and Twitter for release updates.

Photo: Jason How with our new Fuzz pedal

2 comments on “Introducing: Fuzz Pedal Reissue
  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if, you could tell me, when, the rotosound fuzz pedal will be available for purchase in the U.S?

    Thank You

    • Hi Bruce, we hope to get these shipping out by the fall – your email address has been passed to our US sales team who will be in touch.

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