Our 1960’s Fuzz Pedal is still in use!

This week we received an email from someone lucky enough to own one of a limited number of pedals which we trialled in the 1960’s. James How, founder of Rotosound, had some prototype pedals made as part of the accessories range he introduced – but as far as we know, these were never released for general sale. Nonetheless, these pedals have been found all over the place (here’s a pic of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page performing with it), so it’s difficult to say how many were made. We’re currently expanding our range of guitar accessories so look out for our new products in your local music store! Do you own one of these pedals? We’d love to hear from you if you do – leave us a comment below.

3 comments on “Our 1960’s Fuzz Pedal is still in use!
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  2. Hi there, i have one of the original pedals. It has an ever ready pp4 battery inside of it. The electrics are in great condition. I was wondering whether to replace the battery connection piece but now i see it is an important piece im not sure whether to tamper with it?

    I can send pictures.



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