Ashes to Angels


Another day, another new band endorsing Rotosound strings! We’re pleased to welcome Ashes to Angels, who have an exciting year ahead of them.

Seasoned road warriors, Ashes to Angels are hitting 2016 with everything they have. Alongside their fourth album How To Bleed, the band are planning a year of getting on stages up and down the UK. With appearances at Camen Rock and the legendary Download Festival already secured, Ashestoangels are taking their years of experience and painting the town black.

Nico says:

‘I need heavy strings without compromising on sound. Rotosounds are perfect for my low end desires – the ultimate string for the player who likes to go big’

Nico uses our RS66LH Dropzone strings and RB45’s, Josh uses Rotosound R13, R12 and JK12’s, Adam uses Rotosound RH10, R12 and JK12’s while Crilly uses Rotosound R13, R12 and JK12’s. Get the sound – hit the links to buy your strings now.