Levi Yard

image1Levi Yarde, 17 is a young, passionate and experienced session musician who plays bass guitar. Growing up in a musical household Levi followed the footsteps of his father Steve Yarde and decided to pick up the bass from a very young age. Having a church upbringing Levi discovered his passion and love for music; from there he gained a lot of experience, developed his ability to play by ear and learn songs to a high level. Having a musical brother Iziah Yarde who plays keyboards spurred Levi to want to pursue music even more as they grew up together sharing the same goals and practicing together, developing a lot of musical chemistry between them. Levi has been fortunate to have gained experience in different fields in the musical industry. His accomplishments include playing on live recordings, BBC Sessions, recording on albums (2), theatre work and playing in churches all across the country. With the experience and knowledge that Levi has received over his short career of session playing Levi has been privileged to have played in the band of many artists across different genres; such as Kent Jones, Stormzy Daecolm, Cosima, Leks Rivers, Gabrielle Vixen, Danex, Tamarebi and many others. Levi continues to study to develop his skills whilst on his quest to become a world-renowned bass guitarist.

Levi uses Rotosound Swing Bass – SM665 strings.

“With strings you need sets that will bring out the tone in your bass and mainly sets that are durable and that’s what I love about Rotosound.”