Music stores still delivering in Mexico

Como empresa familiar por más de 60 años, Rotosound se encuentra junto a los minoristas locales, donde sea que se encuentren.

Por favor compre local durante este momento difícil; haga clic aquí para obtener una lista de los minoristas locales en línea listos para satisfacer todas sus necesidades musicales.

As a family owned business for over 60 years, Rotosound stands alongside local retailers, wherever they are.

Many people are taking the opportunity to learn an instrument or improve their skills while self-isolating and we can’t think of a better way to spend the time at home. When possible we encourage everyone to buy locally during this challenging time as many music stores will be struggling with the lack of business at the moment.

We’ve contacted all of our retailers in Mexico to ask who is still shipping to customers. We’ve compiled the following list to show which stores have contacted us saying they’re open to serve all your musical needs.

This list is not comprehensive – we’re still adding to this list as more retailers get in contact with us so keep checking back…

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Chars Instruments


El Comodin Del Musico

Allegro Musical


Electronica Musical

El Comodin Del Musico
Estado De Mexico
Teléfono: (55)35360173

Capital Music